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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eli's First Easter 2011

Well it was our first Easter in Greenwood and it was wonderful! What a great time to celebrate that Christ has Risen! It was beautiful weather. We started off the night before explaining the story of Crucifiction of Christ and then how 3 days later he rose from the tomb to Noah. Even though he didn't understand one bit, he listened and it was good practice for the years to come! That morning we woke up to the Easter bunny bringing us just a small Easter basket filled will some fun things. Then we went to Northside Baptist Church, which is where on Easter Sunday, Brian and I decided that this was where we were going to join and make our home church. Church was awesome, the music and the message was one of the best I've ever heard on Easter Sunday and I thought I would never say that! Then onto lunch with the Vahjen Family, which was very yummy. Then off to our very first Pete's (Grandpa's) Easter egg hunt. Noah loved it! He was so good at it! Although, he looked like towards the end he was about to pass out due to the heat and running around! The crazy thing is that at last year's egg hunt Noah was crawling! How time flies! It was a wonderful Easter! What a blessing!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Noah's 2nd Birthday

Well I will have to say Noah turning 2 was a tough time for us. We are so thankful he is a healthy, happy little boy, but we just don't want him to grow up so fast. We decided just to have a family birthday party. It was so nice to have everyone up to our house in Greenwood. Everyone came to celebrate this special occasion! Noah was so cute, after he opened each gift, he went and gave each person who gave him the gift a hug. We are so very proud of our little "baby" Noah! He is so entertaining and a people person with lots of love to give! In these pictures Eli is 7 months and he is just a precious little boy!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Noah and Eli Bonding

This is too funny...Brian sat Eli up on the couch and Noah came right up to him dancing and wiggling and Eli just started dying laughing. Eli has never laughed really before and it was just such a cool and hysterical bonding moment between the two of them!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Vahjen Boys

Noah is now 22 months old and Eli is 6 months old. We have now been in Greenwood for 8 months and we are settling in nicely. The past month has been a rough one though, the boys have been sick quite a bit. Brian, Noah, and I all had the stomach bug about 3 weeks ago. Then Noah about two weeks later had a double ear infection and they thought he had RSV too. Then poor little young Eli tested positive for RSV the next week, then two days later he had a double ear infection, and then a day later he was put on breathing treatments. Then the next week both the boys back to back began with vomitting, diarrhea, and fever. Seeing your two little boys throw up is one of a mothers worst nightmare because they are so helpless. We are now recovering and hope the spring will bring healthiness. It is so neat now how much the boys are interacting. They really love each other a lot!